- helping individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve successful knowledge driven results

Knowledge Associates Cambridge Ltd are based at St John's Innovation Centre, Cambridge, UK.

We are a knowledge management consultancy and knowledge solutions organisation.

We specialise in knowledge driven results through effective virtual team collaboration, knowledge management, and innovation management.

Our mission is to help organisations develop and grow even faster in the global knowledge driven economy. This requires knowledge driven results.

What are knowledge driven results?

Knowledge driven results may be defined as 'producing extraordinary results through the wise application of knowledge'.

We live in a world of amazing new possibilities. We are connected together by a global web offering radical new tools, and with the potential for us to communicate, collaborate, learn faster, create and share knowledge and innovate, in totally new ways. This was simply never possible before.

The web has fundamentally changed the economics of knowledge.

Our knowledge management online website

Since 2007, we have provided an on-line website for knowledge management at www.knowledge-management-online.com.

This is used extensively today by university students, KM practitioners and KM consultants around the world. During 2013, we will fully integrate this website here to provide further on-line capabilities to learn and apply effective knowledge management.

New tools but even greater information overload!

We now have new social and information tools, many of which are free to use or very low cost, like twitter, facebook, wiki's and blogs, google search, personal and business applications, google+ and google maps that are simply amazing by any standard in the world today.

We now work increasingly with very powerful smart mobile phones, tablets and netbooks, cameras and personal computers, all connected to the internet and offering seamless 'in the cloud' services.

We have more rich content and free information than ever before, in texts, documents, ebooks, pictures and videos, and elearning systems.

Yet, despite this rapidly growing global knowledge driven economy, which offers tremendous potential and opportunities for us all, many individuals, teams and organizations, tell us that their biggest challenges today are:

· information overload

· continually reacting to urgent matters

· lack of time

· increased stress

· too many competing priorities

· repeating the same mistakes

· reinventing the wheel

· not knowing what we already know, and who knows best, in our organizations

· lack of meaning, goal focus and clarity

· lack of achievement

The primary cause for this is the lack of personal, team and organizational methods, systems and tools to best create, manage and apply our knowledge.

We need to bring all these disparate sources of information, in our organizations and on the web, and the usage of these web and mobile tools, into a meaningful, structured 'goal focused' and innovative new way of effective knowledge working. This will then enable us to better achieve full potential and successful results.

We may use the web, the information and the tools to a better degree today, with some benefit, but many people say to us that they do not know how and when to use them in a meaningful and purposeful framework, method or system, to achieve extraordinary results.

That is why we have developed, initially for ourselves, and now for our clients and customers around the world, a web based system that is a 'recipe for extraordinary results' that brings everything together in one place to create extraordinary new ways of effective goal-focused knowledge working.

We have developed 'knowledge driven results' principles, strategies, methods, systems and tools.

At Knowledge Associates, in Cambridge UK, we have been researching and developing knowledge driven results strategies, methods, systems and tools for many years and we offer physical and online solutions, education and training, coaching, mentoring and consulting services.

Our mission is to help organizations develop world class knowledge working competencies and successful knowledge driven results, as individuals, teams and entire organizations.

Our knowledge driven methods, systems and software services and tools are:

· web based ‘in the cloud’

· seamlessly mobile on smart phones, tablets, netbooks and personal computers

· automatically and continuously updated with world class backup and security services

· time, task, document and information management driven

· knowledge driven to achieve your vision and objectives

We have uniquely combined established and well proven performance and results management philosophy, that has been developed over the past 30 years, with well proven knowledge management and knowledge competencies management, developed over the past 15 years.

We have then combined these with leading edge innovation management and thought leadership, to create unique, leading edge, and world class 'knowledge driven results' systems.

We are partners with the worlds best, web based and mobile, services, technologies and tools providers, as knowledge driven systems integrators.

We call our knowledge driven results system 'Knowledger' and it has four dimensions:

  • personal knowledger
  • team knowledger
  • organizational knowledger
  • inter-organizational or community knowledger

You may start at any level to evaluate, learn, and use our methods, systems and tools online, immediately.

Or you may prefer to attend our public seminars, workshops and conferences.

You may also prefer our educators, coaches and consultants to work with you, online, and/or within your own organization.

This website is under construction and will be completed during 2013

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